Teacher-Led Schools

I read a great article recently (read it here) that encapsulates a lot of what I’ve been thinking about with my job lately. Part of me really wants to go into administration because I do want to have leadership roles and responsbilities, but then I look at administrator jobs and would hate being so removed from students. I wanted to be a teacher because I love getting to create learning while at the same time participate in it. So, this article stresses that teachers become the leaders of schools and we reimagine what school leadership looks like and I completely agree.

When I studen taught I worked at a small charter school and there were administrators but the teachers had a say in everything that happened in the school. I understand that most public schools operate differently and that it would be very hard to on a person to take on the role of teacher and administrator. That’s why I think what the article points out is important: the roles themselves must change in order to empower teachers more. I think that involving teachers in the school’s decision making is huge, because for me as a teacher I would feel more professional responsibility and connection to my students.

I understand that there are drawbacks to this scenario as well. I already face difficulty getting my small department of eight teachers to find consensus on any issue, so having a bigger group tackle major issues related to education would be difficult. Teachers are very opinionated people, which is why we became teachers in the first place. However, I would argue that such a problem simply necesitates having a better school culture and building trust among the staff. If all of the teachers are doing their job for the students, then coming to an agreement on providing better education for the students should be no problem. I also think it would create more buy-in for teachers because they had an affect on the outcome.

I wish that more roles would be creating for teachers to take on leadership roles and facilitate the school’s progress without having a third party. My ideal job would be a hybrid teaching position while also having the ability to lead people in creating a better school. This is what all teachers should be doing every day to support each other inside and outside of our own classrooms.

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