Time for Change

I just started this blog and in my first post I just want to outline the goal of the blog and what I hope to get out of it. Mainly, I want to use this as a professional blog to record and reflect on my personal teaching experiences, educational reform issues, innovative practices, and emerging technologies. I currently try to read a lot of new information to keep my development up-to-date, but it’s a struggle to actually process and implement these things. I need to actively engage in what I’m reading and reflect on what I learn from each and every experiment. In this way, this blog will serve as a reference for me to remember but also as a catalyst for growing and gaining new skills. Teaching is a hard profession when you first start out and I think that recording these struggles is a great way to overcome them and help those who might be experiencing the same issues. I think that this is an especially dynamic time to become a teacher and there are many great changes that will happen soon in education. I hope to be a part of those and therefore strive to stay on top of my own education and development. This blog represents one more step toward goals of becoming a leader in schools and becoming more influential outside of my small classroom. It excites me to see where technology can take us, but it can only be successful with the right course of action.

My second hope is that I can connect this blog to the greater educational networks out there via social media sites. In order to learn and grow it is important to connect with those who have the experiences or are working toward similar goals as yourself. It’s hard to find time to do this in school sometimes and even when I do connect I find that many teachers are resistant to sharing, constructively critiquing, or even changing their practices. I want to hear from other teachers and I want to share what I’m doing with them as well. I want to learn more outside of my small foreign language classroom, because I think  that’s what a 21st century education should look like.

I hope that this will turn into something useful for not only myself but also others and I am excited to start cataloguing all of my thoughts and opinions. I gladly welcome any comments, criticisms or general feedback toward making the goals of this blog a reality.

Happy reading,


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